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We know quite a few of our guests, after enjoying the unique delights of the Cotswolds, start thinking about moving to our neck of the woods or having a second home here. And we know some people come and stay specifically to explore with a view to buying.

But in a small and increasing competitive market finding the right property is easier said than done. Which is why, as part of our Concierge service, we have partnered the best real estate acquisition agency you may not have heard of: Jordan Hennessy.

Jordan Hennessy provides structured advice in prime real estate acquisition for their retained clients. They put the client at the forefront of everything they do, carefully analysing the individual brief and executing it with considered advice.

They possess unrivalled, in-depth market and transactional knowledge. Through diligent research, intelligent negotiation and due diligence, Jordan Hennessy provide continuous and seamless advice throughout the acquisition.

  • they listen to the client
  • they understand their client’s requirements
  • they create a unique search brief
  • they can establish your private office

Specialist market knowledge is one thing; knowing how best to utilise it is another.

Jordan Hennessy recognise that real estate is an important and complex investment asset. Driven by their client’s individual requirements, their acquisition strategies are tailored to each client. The decision to execute on a potential acquisition is based on vast experience in their field. The way they advise on the negotiation is carefully considered, always putting the client first. They assess relative risks, negotiating hard. They perform due diligence, provide comparable evidence and liaise with chosen third party professionals so as to ensure a smooth transaction.

It takes a particular type of company to search, develop and execute strategies like Jordan Hennessy. They have an open structure that allows talented individuals to flourish. Their motivated personnel are dedicated and driven to succeed. With their specialist strengths they work together as a team to provide unparalleled advice.

So if you would like to have access to the inaccessible and the knowledge and team behind you to secure it, we would be delighted to introduce you to Jordan Hennessy.